If you wouldn’t eat it, please don’t feed it to your dog.

Founded in 2017, The Barkery by NV was born out of the passion to make sure all Dog and Cat Treats get the best quality treats. With a firm belief in the nutrition and safety of your Dog and Cats, The Barkery manufactures Premium Quality, ingredient rich Fresh Food, Treats & Birthday Cakes for Dogs and Cats that are 100% natural, gluten-free, made with human-grade ingredients, contain no preservatives, salt, sugar or added colors so that all dogs and cats can enjoy the treats without any fear.

Being pet parents ourselves, we understand the importance of making sure your pet eats nothing fishy and is all healthy! Our promise to you is that our products contain nothing more or less than what is mentioned in the ingredients list. What you read is what you get, nothing fishy! You can now treat your pet guilt-free! All Dog and Cat treats are made in small batches to retain their nutritional factor.

Our Disease Specific Treats range caters to dogs suffering from Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Arthritis, or Obesity. While these treats do NOT cure the illness. They can be safely fed to your dogs without worrying about their illness worsening. Each treat recipe is curated carefully to make sure that no harmful ingredient goes into them which could then exacerbate your pet’s illness.

The Barkery believes in giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate dogs. 15% of the proceeds from our Shop for a Cause section is donated to Earthlings Trust. A dog NGO that takes care of sick and old dogs while creating a safe and caring environment for them.

Currently, our Cakes and Cupcakes are available only in Delhi NCR. However, our treats and other pet accessories are shipped pan India. The Barkery has a wide range of Dog and Cat Treats Cake flavors to choose from. But if your pet is a fussy eater, please don’t hesitate to request a custom flavor for them. Upon prior notice and request, we will be able to create cake or cupcakes in your pet’s favorite food flavor.

The Barkery by NV is privileged that you have come to us, to satisfy your pet’s drooling needs.

Thank you for trusting The Barkery with your pet’s needs, we are sure your pet would want more stuff from us. Our team looks forward to treating your fur ball again!

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