Just like you, we at The Barkery love pets, and care about their health and happiness. Our products are made with love and the purity of natural ingredients. We are happy to make tailor made recipes based on your pets nutritional needs. We are here to help you pamper your pet!

Call us or book online for delivery of balanced, freshly made dog food/treats made by our team with love. These home made supplies give your pet a better shining skin, and helps their immune system. Healthier & happier pets eat real food.

We deliver all over India, and recommend that you store them in a refrigerator


Pet FACT #1

While India does not track Pet Food recall, however in Western world these recalls are monitored.


Pet FACT #2

Most of the commercial food manufacturers use chemicals and bi-products such as Phosphoric Acid, Sorbitol or Propylene Glycol (which is used in antifreeze! )


Pet FACT #3

What is not good for human consumption is not good for pets either and using commercial pet food may lead to Obesity, Heart Attacks, Renal Disease or even Death.


Pet FACT #4

Pet food made at home is a much safer option. However, the owners need to be aware of nutritional value and requirements of their pets to ensure that your loved pet has optimum health.

As a pet owner you must have wondered

  • What can i give to my dog at home for his food and what he cant eat?
  • How much should he eat as a puppy and as an adult?
  •  When he’s overweight?
  •  Is my dog’s food safe?
  • Which home cooked food has protein and other nutrients to meet his daily requirements?

Market has many choices, so you must learn to read the label to see the ingredients in the food that you buy from market. Also there is ambiguity on the way certain manufacturers mention the ingredients in their pet food. For example, it should say "chicken meal" rather than "poultry meal" or "lamb meal" and not "meat meal" as the terms poultry and meat can indicate it is any kind of bird or any kind of meat and may or may not have come from a controlled environment.

The Barkery team works on the premise that there are specific needs for different ages & breeds of dogs. We work on different combinations of natural ingredients and do not use any canned stuff while preparing the yummy treats or pet food or cakes for your loving pet. All our products are home made, using natural ingredients and/or organic ingredients.

The Barkery ensures that our products have proper balance of nutrients, as your pet's behaviour & health is directly affected by what he/she eats. Our home made pet food supplies are affordable and we bring in the option of our users placing repeat orders much in advance so that our team can plan and schedule these deliveries. This helps you to avoid any last minute missing requirements, and your pet would love the treats or cakes that we make for them.